For farming of Madrid they listen to classical music when they are milked, three times a day

Cows farm Arpon, a pioneer cattle industry both in the care and well-being of their animals

There are cows at livestock farms of Madrid who sleep in beds, receive massages and listen to classical music when they are milked three times a day.

The «cow comfort» or «well-being of dairy cow», is a recent, extended practice on some Spanish holdings, which Madrid Counselor of environment and planning, Ana Isabel Mariño, has known during her visit to the farm Priégola, in Villanueva del Pardillo.

There, 80 per cent of the cows has beds of water or felt and pillows, milking occurs three times a day with classical music and cubicles are equipped with massagers.

To prevent the temperature of the animals climb and detrimental to the quality of the milk, summer fans and sprinklers are used, and after each milking cows receive a shower.

Their 700 animals of the Friesian also have space to walk and not used factory feed.

Marino has said the community guarantees the high quality of the milk that is produced in the region and supports 86 Madrid farms which boast nearly 11,000 dairy cows, as reported by the regional government in a note.

«The dairy sector in the community of Madrid has been subjected to an intense process of restructuring, in such a way that innovation has become the unique formula of survival. The regional government works to make farms leading and highly specialized, both on-site and in the application of new technologies, breeding and animal health», said the counselor.

The Madrid Executive has allocated a total of 1.1 million euros in aid for the modernization of the dairy industry since 2007.

The Madrid dairy industry is the eighth of Spain by volume of sales and accounts for 6% of all milk that is sold in the country.

It occupies the ninth position in the agri-food sector Madrid by number of establishments and the fourth with respect to the number of occupied persons (1.639 workers).

Source: EFE / madrid day 14/04/2012 – 19.18 h

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