Two births and a bottle in Arpon

Two calves born this morning and although already are standing still do not know where to get milk... their mothers are not new and the natural instinct of the calves will find maternal udder. It is important that you drink the first milk from the udder of the mother since it contains colostrum, milk with many nutritional properties and immunizing.

and if it is not always the bottle of 2 liters!


And we continue with delivery on the farm

Arpon Nore Petereslund I and Nore Peterslund II. Twin birth of calves born yesterday by the Swedish Red race night.

And this is the father of creatures... the Peterslund Bull.




Interview chain COPE. Agropopular

[av_one_full first]The Agropopular program of the chain COPE directed by César Lumbreras, performs an interview with Nicolás Sieber, head of communications, on Cow Comfort in Arpon.


The vanguard. Travel to the milky way


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[av_one_half]La Vanguardia Newspaper, in its Sunday supplement carries out an extensive report on the milk and Priégola and the quality of their milk.

"The milk we buy in the supermarket as a a tetrabrick or a botela of plastic hides a great story. There is not a single, homogeneous milk, but there is a nuanced underworld".

Download full article in pdf[/av_one_half]