They do not know what is the Crisis

Alfalfa hay
Ryegrass hay
Bromus fresh pulp
Barley and Hominy
Corn flakes
Fresh orange pulp
Beet pulp
Cotton seeds
Vitamins and minerals

This is the composition of the breakfast that have eaten our cows at 8 h 30, just after returning from milking. It is important when returning from milking cows to find food available so they don't lose appetite and eat before you lie down and sunbathe... Each cow consumes an average of 45 kilos of fodder and feed a day. Definitely they do not know what is the crisis.

And we continue with delivery on the farm

Arpon Nore Petereslund I and Nore Peterslund II. Twin birth of calves born yesterday by the Swedish Red race night.

And this is the father of creatures... the Peterslund Bull.




Pink... They have been twins!

We are at the height of Arpon births and the family grows... We must remember that all the cows in our farm are mostly pregnant, newly paridas or in phase of pregnancy. Why give so much milk!

Arpon there are an average of 1.8 births diaries a year but in recent months the average is increased because we are in the era of the "paridera" which is usually in the months of September, October and November.

When there are so many pregnant animals it is difficult to know at all times that cow can put labor. Therefore all cows have a kind of Watch called "pedometer" on its rear leg, counting the number of steps the cow walking per day and that sets a daily average of activity for each animal on the farm. If cow walk too and the pedometer recorded an increase in their activity, that cow has to be examined by a veterinarian to know soon whether to give birth or are nervous for some other reason. Technological advances are useful for things as natural as birth.

Just 20 minutes ago "Arpon rose Burt", a cow for 3 years, has given birth of twins. As the image is so beautiful we wanted to share it with you. Madrid is a very urban city, but very close to nature.

Arpon rose Burt

Arpon rose Burt



Corn planting in Arpon

Planting of corn in Priégola during the month of August.

Sowing of barley in Arpon

Sowing of barley in Priégola during the month of February.