The dairy 'whole' protect against diabetes

Source: Diario El Mundo - 16/09/2014

It is not fat, stupid ', arguably manipulating the famous phrase from Bill Clinton's election campaign in 1992. Because in studies of nutrition is increasingly clear that no matter the fat itself, both its origin, in determining its health effects. The latest evidence on this line indicates that the consumption of milk, rich in animal fats, can have protective effects against type 2 diabetes.

It is not the first time that a study, for example, points out the benefits of yogurt against this disease, but on this occasion, the advantages are extrapolated to other types of milk.

The results come from extensive Swedish research that has been unveiled at the annual meeting of the European society for the study of Diabetes that is taking place in Vienna (Austria). With data from nearly 27,000 individuals from 45 to 74 years, followed for 14 years, the team of Ulrika Ericson

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Magazine edible Madrid. A new way of seeing Madrid

[av_one_full first]There was a magazine that reflected a Madrid artisans and gastronomic traditions without complexes to date[/av_one_full]

[av_one_full first]Madrid is premiere with the new Madrid edible magazine. A great idea from the hand of its director Cristina Roca and the artistic direction of the study of Marta boots. To browse the magazine it seems obvious that this magazine should have existed long time ago.

Can you be modern and at the same time conservative? Madrid edible shows us that. With a careful design and informal image, the magazine points out that Madrid, despite his conservative image is also a modern community with deep roots artisanal and gastronomic.

There was a magazine that reflected a Madrid artisans and gastronomic traditions without complexes to date. A tribute to the small and medium-sized family company, which from generation to generation, struggle to maintain their traditions and their products at the highest level of quality.

According to his own Director "Madrid edible stems from the desire to bring the field to the city, a bridge between producers and consumers, encourage the consumption of proximity, the environmental, economic and social sustainability, and preserve the traditions that make up the identity of our region."

Reading this magazine we discovered how much we have to learn from our own and how much it costs us to be proud. Thank you Madrid edible for showing us naturally, a new way of seeing Madrid. You are indispensable.

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Interview Cadena SER. Great program Via

[av_one_full first]GRAN VIA the SER program carried out an interview with Nicolás Sieber about Cow Comfort in Arpon.


TVE here land. Luxury, luxury milk cows

Here the land, the TVE program carried out by Jacob Petrus and his fantastic reporter Carla Pulin move to Arpon for a story...

National Radio interview

This morning first thing a team of National Radio has moved to Priégola to make us a short interview live. To hear it, you can click the following link: Arpon interview in RNE

Drinking milk increases intelligence

Source: BusinessWeek - 16/01/2013

That is the conclusion we could go that according to an article published in the journal 'Practical Neurology', which ensures that the vitamin D that contains milk increases brain activity. They endorse his desmotrando thesis that countries that consume more dairy products accumulate highest number of award-winning a Nobel.

[foto de la noticia]

Research published last year in the journal of 'New England of Medicine' recorded a strong association between the consumption of chocolate of a nation and the obtaining of the Nobel Prize, speculating that the content of flavonoids in chocolate was behind the increase in brain capacity.

The authors thought that as the chocolate is often combined with milk, it could be the amount of dairy products that are consumed per capita related to success in these awards.
Thus, the Organization 2007 data were analyzed for food and agriculture in the per capita consumption of milk in 22 countries, as well as the information provided by the author of the theory of chocolate and a significant association was found.

Sweden is the country more Nobel prizes, with 33 among its 10 million inhabitants, and although some might argue that it is logical because it is home to the Organising Committee of the awards, is that it is both the country where the largest quantity of milk is consumed per head of the population, with 340 kg each year. The second, Switzerland, with 32 Awards, records an intake of 300 kg milk per year.

At the other end of the scale, China has the lowest number of Nobel Laureates in its population, as well as lower consumption of milk of the countries studied, with around 25 kg per year. According to the researchers, there is a plausible biological explanation for all this: the milk is rich in vitamin D, which can increase the power of the brain.

"So that to improve their chances of winning Nobel prizes not only must eat more chocolate, but perhaps also drink enough milk," conclude the authors, from the Department of Neurology of the Gloucester Royal Hospital, in United Kingdom, which highlight the conflicts of interest, including a tendency to drink milk with cereals and coffee and eat chocolate whenever the opportunity arises

Priegola, famous Madrid milk milk

Blog of gastronomy "Market Calabajio" make a report about Priégola products.

The truth is that in Madrid we cannot complain of the large amount of livestock farms in the periphery of the capital... for the little green is right?, Yes, and it is a marvel. Arpon milk is one of the first milk of our region, one of the pioneers of the distribution of fresh milk door to door throughout our community. The company has survived the urban Empire (although there is a need to transfer), and of course the countless crisis in the sector, which have been many and hard. Also today Arpon is one of the best-known Madrid fresh milks outside our territory, it has already entered into many families and is used by many restaurateurs, among other things because it is pretty accessible and quality per is... Read more

ABC newspaper | «Cow comfort», cows that they sleep in beds and receive massages

For farming of Madrid they listen to classical music when they are milked, three times a day

Cows farm Arpon, a pioneer cattle industry both in the care and well-being of their animals

There are cows at livestock farms of Madrid who sleep in beds, receive massages and listen to classical music when they are milked three times a day.

The «cow comfort» or «well-being of dairy cow», is a recent, extended practice on some Spanish holdings, which Madrid Counselor of environment and planning, Ana Isabel Mariño, has known during her visit to the farm Priégola, in Villanueva del Pardillo.

There, 80 per cent of the cows has beds of water or felt and pillows, milking occurs three times a day with classical music and cubicles are equipped with massagers.

To prevent the temperature of the animals climb and detrimental to the quality of the milk, summer fans and sprinklers are used, and after each milking cows receive a shower.

Their 700 animals of the Friesian also have space to walk and not used factory feed.

Marino has said the community guarantees the high quality of the milk that is produced in the region and supports 86 Madrid farms which boast nearly 11,000 dairy cows, as reported by the regional government in a note.

«The dairy sector in the community of Madrid has been subjected to an intense process of restructuring, in such a way that innovation has become the unique formula of survival. The regional government works to make farms leading and highly specialized, both on-site and in the application of new technologies, breeding and animal health», said the counselor.

The Madrid Executive has allocated a total of 1.1 million euros in aid for the modernization of the dairy industry since 2007.

The Madrid dairy industry is the eighth of Spain by volume of sales and accounts for 6% of all milk that is sold in the country.

It occupies the ninth position in the agri-food sector Madrid by number of establishments and the fourth with respect to the number of occupied persons (1.639 workers).

Source: EFE / madrid day 14/04/2012 - 19.18 h

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Magazine table. The Balneario de las Vacas. Towards a Premium milk.

Magazine table (wine, gastronomy and trends) in his publication of March 2012 makes a report in Arpon.


Interview chain COPE. Agropopular

[av_one_full first]The Agropopular program of the chain COPE directed by César Lumbreras, performs an interview with Nicolás Sieber, head of communications, on Cow Comfort in Arpon.