Source: Diario El Mundo – 16/09/2014

It is not fat, stupid ', arguably manipulating the famous phrase from Bill Clinton's election campaign in 1992. Because in studies of nutrition is increasingly clear that no matter the fat itself, both its origin, in determining its health effects. The latest evidence on this line indicates that the consumption of milk, rich in animal fats, can have protective effects against type 2 diabetes.

It is not the first time that a study, for example, points out the benefits of yogurt against this disease, but on this occasion, the advantages are extrapolated to other types of milk.

The results come from extensive Swedish research that has been unveiled at the annual meeting of the European society for the study of Diabetes that is taking place in Vienna (Austria). With data from nearly 27,000 individuals from 45 to 74 years, followed for 14 years, the team of Ulrika Ericson

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