Source: – date: 01-05-2013

A few days ago the website of Ibiza "", "The field of Ibiza" section published an article under the title of "The dairy esta de Vuelta" where in addition to praise this profession, he mentioned to Arpon and therefore, we wanted to share with you this article, fully playing its contents:

DairySeveral decades ago, expansion in Western supermarkets, hypermarkets and small neighborhood stores, as well as the change of habits in many homes led to the edge of the disappearance to the popular figure of the dairy. However, for the last several years, cities and towns of the United States, United Kingdom and other European countries, including Spain, attending a progressive expansion of the delivery service of milk and other dairy products and fresh at home. Who doesn't remember endearing figure of the milkman carrying fresh milk to houses? The return of the milkman's life should be framed in the growing trend in our society to return to the traditional, natural and simple and the consumption of fresh and local products.

Today, almost three thousand dairy distributed each morning nearly one million liters in the households of the United Kingdom. It should be recalled as the dairy carries among the British for more than 150 years and has always enjoyed an enormous sympathy and popularity. In Spain, are already several companies which have established dairy home delivery services, such as the well-known Arpon company that distributes milk and other products with great success dairy in the community of Madrid.

The freshness of the milk, milked and packaged the same day and distributed maximum a day later, is the aspect most valued by customers of such services. Very similar to the earlier, milk with an unmistakable flavour but with the guarantee of health that gives its pasteurization (process by which natural milk is subjected to the action of the heat to kill pathogenic germs).

Most of the services at home from fresh milk and dairy products offer general other clear advantages to the consumer:

  • The convenience of receiving products at home, saving time and money.
  • The prices tend to be very similar to the supermarkets.
  • This type of service allows you to support the local product and develop a sustainable local economy.

In Ibiza we are in luck because in may 2013, Santa Gertrudis farm started a dairy home delivery service. It will initially be in the zone of Santa Gertrudis to then expand to the rest of the island. Ibiza has dairy!