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COMFORT & SLOW COW MiLK: happy cows of Arpon


Did you know a dealer can get milk just to your home, first thing in the morning, which live in the Centre or on the outskirts of the village? Yes, Yes, as in the films (American)! Every day, Arpon, the estate of Villanueva del Pardillo of Hans-Peter and Rachel, where 1,400 Frisian cows, living at ease and stress-free distributed fresh milk to more than 5,000 homes in the community of Madrid. The recipe for your success? The "Cow Comfort". This test? Both the family business and founder marriage just celebrate their respective golden wedding anniversary. Petit tribute to livestock more slow moment.

In 1960, Hans-Peter Sieber left his native Switzerland to work as an interpreter in the Costa Brava but love knocked at the door of your destination to meet his current wife of Cantabrian origins, Raquel Quijano. Shortly after, the happy couple decided to settle in no man's land to fulfill his dream: founding their own livestock. Nothing more moving to Villanueva del Pardillo, bought their first 30 cows in… Canada. Yes, they made them to travel thousands of miles aboard a plane of the company Iberia before no doubt the bewilderment of the crew. Since then, Arpon family has grown and much but in a methodical, almost philosophical manner, because, for its owners, a happy cow produces better milk. And I attest that this breeding cows live "as authentic Queens" thanks to the "Cow Comfort" method.

It is a set of techniques that favor well-being and tranquility of the animals in order to increase not only the quality of the milk but also its production. Then, on this farm, all cows are born and breed in the farm with the help of artificial insemination; they have enough space to walk; and they sleep in beds of water or rubber blended with pillows to rest your head. "The surface of the bed has to be padded so that the knees of cows will not suffer to the lie" explains Nicolás Sieber, the son of the owners, who grew up on the farm and knows very well the nature of these animals. "If you don't do them case, cows are curious, come to your attention. If you are where you come, frightened".

As for milk, cows are milked three times a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year (+ 1 every 4). During the time of milking, they listen to classical music, and not by any composer, it seems that the music of Mozart is that like… "It is said that this technique is used since, in the 19th century, monks of Brittany discovered that cows gave more milk during the mass, as they heard the music that came from the choir of the Church," says Nicolas.

Finally, in summer, sprinklers and fans regulate the temperature in the feeders and the cobertizos-dormitorios areas because it is proven that the cattle begin to suffer if the thermometer marked more than 22 degrees Celsius. And to finish, they themselves may be a masajito with a power brush that rotates automatically when the cow approached it… are giving Me envy! Aysss, who was a cow! In Arpon, clear.

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