Japan in Arpon, Villanueva del Pardillo

Americanoooooooos, come to Spain's huge and sanoooos
Long live the tronioooooo and live a town with poderioooooo
OLE Virginia and Michigan
And live Texas which is bad, is bad.

You receive Americans with joy
OLE ole, my mother my mother-in-law and ole my aunt
Americanoooooooos, come to Spain's huge and sanoooos
OLE ole, my mother my mother-in-law and ole mi tiaaaaaa.

In the purest style Pepe Isbert at Berlanga film "Welcome Mr. Marshall", have received Arpon in the visit of a group of 40 strangers who, instead of coming from the United States, came from Japan.



Although it sounds far-fetched, this group of farmers, farmers and ranchers Japanese has traveled from far away to see first hand the techniques of animal welfare and the real benefits of these practices. You have explained it everything - God thank you came with translator-... If the cow has to be relaxed, that if the water beds, that if fans, as if the music during milking, etc... and certainly nothing surprised.

We have found that their culture and respect for animals is comparable to their interest to learn and discover values in simple harmony with animal welfare guidelines.

To our surprise, at the end of the visit have given us coasters and Japanese fans and have left us above all, "a taste of visit".

Visit Japanese in Arpon


Pink... They have been twins!

We are at the height of Arpon births and the family grows... We must remember that all the cows in our farm are mostly pregnant, newly paridas or in phase of pregnancy. Why give so much milk!

Arpon there are an average of 1.8 births diaries a year but in recent months the average is increased because we are in the era of the "paridera" which is usually in the months of September, October and November.

When there are so many pregnant animals it is difficult to know at all times that cow can put labor. Therefore all cows have a kind of Watch called "pedometer" on its rear leg, counting the number of steps the cow walking per day and that sets a daily average of activity for each animal on the farm. If cow walk too and the pedometer recorded an increase in their activity, that cow has to be examined by a veterinarian to know soon whether to give birth or are nervous for some other reason. Technological advances are useful for things as natural as birth.

Just 20 minutes ago "Arpon rose Burt", a cow for 3 years, has given birth of twins. As the image is so beautiful we wanted to share it with you. Madrid is a very urban city, but very close to nature.

Arpon rose Burt

Arpon rose Burt



Consumption of local products. All are advantages

If you are 30 years or older and live in Spain, perhaps remember those times in which the milkman was going to the door of your House to sell you milk. Perhaps you remember the smell of fresh milk and the large amount of cream which had. You may also remember how your mother put it to boil before drinking it to kill the "bugs" that could contain milk.

Now the story has changed a lot. Although the previous paragraph may sound very romantic, there are now many more controls and systems that ensure milk to come to our House in perfect condition.


10 reasons to eat local foods


A euro spent on user-friendly products generated twice for the local economy. In today's complicated economic circumstances we are aware that this philosophy of consumption benefits us all.


A fresh product will always be more healthy to the body than a product requiring preservatives, freezing or stabilizers to extend their period of consumption.

In addition, the products transported over large distances may have been weeks frozen. Milk transport over long distances is only made with sterilized milk / UHT lasting several months without the need for cold storage.


Pasteurized fresh milk has the same flavor milk which in the past was consumed in the villages, which are boiled before consumption and which mentioned at the beginning of this article.

UHT milk, have been subjected to a higher temperature, suffers more transformations (degraded some compounds and form that can change the odor, taste and color of milk). The most common of these is the caramelization of lactose.

In fruit and vegetables, a product harvested at their peak of ripeness has much more flavor than one prematurely collected by conditions of transport.


Products made in their region or traditionally gathered near his village have fewer products to conserve them and additives.

In the case of fresh milk contains no obviously any preservative or additive. It is 100% fresh pasteurized milk.


Media that carry products from far away cause high emissions of CO2.


Eat seasonal products that are healthier to consume local products automatically. In addition, seasonal products are more economical.


It is always more comforting to sit to eat knowing where they come from products you eat. Knowing the milkman, Baker, farmer, etc. and knowing how they work.

In the case of Priégola, we only elaborate products with milk from our own livestock in Villanueva del Pardillo. It is obtained from a single herd, milk a single location. Milk leaves the udder and goes directly to tank storage and pasteurization.

We do not carry milk coming from hundreds of kilometers for processing because in this process can cause many problems that decrease the level of fitness of milk for use. (Mixture of air, fragmentation of red blood cells, microbiological imbalances).

In the end, we get an exceptional taste of fresh and natural milk we produce with the same technique of pasteurization, for more than 50 years.


A farmer who produces industrially can dedicate to produce a wide range of products.


80% of the products are distributed in Spain by few companies that impose the final prices, produced and. Support small farmers used to fight against this.


With decent income, local producers will remain and will use its resources to generating wealth and employment for their community.

Priegola, famous Madrid milk milk

Blog of gastronomy "Market Calabajio" make a report about Priégola products.

The truth is that in Madrid we cannot complain of the large amount of livestock farms in the periphery of the capital... for the little green is right?, Yes, and it is a marvel. Arpon milk is one of the first milk of our region, one of the pioneers of the distribution of fresh milk door to door throughout our community. The company has survived the urban Empire (although there is a need to transfer), and of course the countless crisis in the sector, which have been many and hard. Also today Arpon is one of the best-known Madrid fresh milks outside our territory, it has already entered into many families and is used by many restaurateurs, among other things because it is pretty accessible and quality per is... Read more

Arpon... the milk...! What milk!

If manufacture a quality product satisfaction, more rewarding is the recognition, by our customers.

We want to share with you some testimony of greeting our customers that have made us reach via Email.



The benefits of the fresh milk

Excellent source of protein, vitamins and minerals essential for staying healthy each day.

Calcium - to build and maintain bones and teeth strong, it is vital in the functioning of the nervous system, muscle contraction, and blood clotting; In addition, to help promote the loss of weight and body fat.

Match - which together with calcium helps keep bones strong and healthy.

Potassium - to maintain blood pressure, contraction and relaxation of muscles, and regulates the balance of body fluids.

Protein - is vital for various functions of the body, the development and differentiation of the cells, muscles, hair, and nails healthy, including maintaining.

Riboflavin and niacin - to hydrate the skin.  Both help the cells of the body in the production of energy and have an important role in the development of the nervous system.

Vitamin A - it helps to regulate the immune system, and to maintain healthy vision and skin.

Vitamin B12 - to maintain the health of the red blood cells, as well as promote the growth and development of all the cells in the body.

Vitamin D - it promotes the absorption of calcium and the healthy development of bones and teeth

Cow Comfort in Arpon


Cow Comfort defines a series of techniques that are applied in livestock farms and which together promote well-being and tranquility of the animals. These practices which represent a considerable investment for the farmer, medium-term affect very positively the quality of milk - high content in fat and protein - and also increased production of litres. Comfort is an indispensable condition for the health of the cows and so that they can produce quality milk. As it could not be otherwise, Arpon all animals have space to walk.


Rubber or water beds

80 per cent of milking cows have beds of water or crushed rubber, these last ones also have pillows to rest your head. The remaining 20 per cent have traditional bedding. All beds are cleaned daily and over them a biological disinfectant is applied. The surface of the bed should be padded so that the knees of cows will not suffer to the lie. Both crushed rubber water beds comply with this condition.

Classical music during milking

Milking time is a delicate moment for the cows. For this reason, in Arpon cows listen to classical during this process since it promotes relaxation and his willingness to be milked. It is said that this technique is applied from the monks of Brittany in the 19th century, discovered that the cows gave more milk if they were milked during mass, as they heard the music that came from the choir of the Church.

Currently there are no scientific studies that support this theory but in Arpon are convinced that cows having auditory system, are sensitive to the strains of classical music.

Anti-stress acclimatization systems

Air circulation is very important for the respiration of the cows. An example of this can be seen in that both the cows and the horses are located in the countryside in places higher - which is where most circulates the air - when the temperature exceeds 15 degrees. The lands consist of a single roof high, oriented to the South and waterfall to the North, whose design is intended to produce shade in summer and to facilitate the entry of sunshine in winter. In addition, lack of side walls in order to favour the maximum circulation of air within them. When the roof is heated by solar radiation, his own inclination leads a stream of air which in summer allows sheds enjoy of 4 to 5 degrees Celsius colder than the outside.

Cattle, from the first day of life, perfectly withstands temperatures up to 20 degrees below zero, but begins to suffer if the temperature rises above 22 degrees centigrade. In summer, the fall in temperature produced by the flow of air from the sheepfold is not enough. For this reason, ARPON has installed sprinklers and fans in the areas of the feeding and sheds with beds.

Fans and the sprinklers are put in place when the temperature exceeds 22 degrees and will stop when it drops 20.

First, the sprinklers are set to operate for 20 seconds; then the fans run for 40 seconds, handing out water in suspension. This cycle is repeated way successive cooling cows during the time that they are eating.

The same system is used in prior to milking waiting room. Additionally, each cow receives a shower out of the room after the milking. These care aims to prevent the temperature of the cows to raise. Once this happens, it is very difficult to lower it if not cooling during the early morning hours.


The three fundamental pillars for a milk of the highest quality are the feeding of cows, their genetics and "Cow Comfort" measures.

These three elements are the factors determinants to make livestock healthy, produce milk quality and quantity.

Careful power

Arpon is a veterinary nutrologo whose mission is to establish the type of food for each animal according to the period of life in which it is - calves, heifers, cows newly paridas, cows pregnant, etc-. How to feed livestock, is decisive to be healthy animals and their high production.

Arpon also advises other farms and cooperatives in Spain, since the feeding system which we apply in our farm has proved to be very effective.

Animal genetics

For more than 20 years Priégola not he joined their livestock animals from other farms since these would be capable of introducing diseases unknown to our cabin. Thanks to advances in genetics and artificial insemination, the rearing of livestock is done with native animals.

All the cows are born and bred on the farm. In addition, the parents of their future offspring are selected among the best stallions in the world, according to its genetic improvement tested, morphology, production, content of proteins, etc.

Thanks to all these measures Arpon obtained the title of best livestock index genetic of Spain (for more than 200 cows breeding farms) in the years 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2012. This title is awarded by CONAFE, the national associations of Frisona Española Conferedracion.

Cow Comfort

As we have explained above, they are a series of animal, comfort measures as a whole, affect a better milk - content of fat and protein - and also an increase of its production.